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Tutorials & Other Craft Ideas

cute stuffed elephant toy with free pattern and tutorial
a cute reusable bag for kids to use in the store airy summer knitted spiral hat and ruffled scarf tutorial for kids colorful playful rice - a tutorial for a fun activity for kids
simple fleece elmo hat pattern by made-by-rae a tutorial with tips and multiple template downloads for an amazing elmo birthday party for kids


cute toddler beach robe pattern toddler sun hat intricate baby hexagon blanket knitting pattern cute wristlets made with whimisical fabric as a teacher's thankyou gift with flower and ric rac embellishments
amazingly simple yet beautiful dress pattern for little girls intricate spiral hat pattern by jared flood cute dtuffed letters great present for kids cute toddler skirt - the market skirt by made
activity apron for kids fre pattern airy, wavy summer blanket for babies awesome and quick handmade purse by made-by-rae
father's day gift idea made with yarn art car and crayon roll for kids cute toddler dress with poppy flowers

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