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Fun playroom/decor ideas

January 30, 2014

Photo Jan 30, 12 39 43 PM

I just received the Land of Nod catalog today, and fell in love with some really cute things.  To be honest, I have barely ordered anything from there because it tends to be pricier than I would like.  But I was thinking some of these pictures could service as inspiration to me (or you!) later.  Since I usually feel like I have paper and magazines coming out of my ears and I never know where I put them, I thought I’d take pictures of what I like and share it with you all!  That way I can find it whenever I want and who knows, maybe you guys will make or find something cool and share it too =)

In general I have tried to make the titles/photos linkable to the site.  FYI – i am in no way sponsored by Land of Nod and get nothing for this post! I just am inspired =]

First: the heart of gold shelf ($49).  I love this! Per their website it is made of Iron

heart of gold shelf

I also LOVE this radial red shelf ($179 eek!).  My daughter’s room is all red and white and this would go solo perfectly! If only there was free wall space…

radial red shelf

This is the sunburst mirror ($69).  Could also double as a daisy/flower mirror. This just makes me happy. It is hard to tell, but is made of an iron frame. sunburst mirror

Hmm…i see a theme here. I seem to be really into shelves…

The honeycomb shelves ($59).  No doubt one of the cool things about this picture are the little robots!

 One shelf includes 3 hexagons and also comes in grey.

hexagon shelves

I wouldn’t actually buy this bunting from them, but i LOVE it and had to take a picture of it.  This may be my next activity with Radha, where I just let her cut some of my fabric scraps into whatever shape she wants and then sew them into a garland.  She loves cutting things, so it will be a win-win!

cute bunting

Love this Orb Pendant ($199), and the retro bulb inside.

orb pendant

Another cute garland to inspire me.  My son’s nursery is grey and yellow, so this would be so cute! Gonna half to pull out the fabric scraps from the quilt I made him (or should I say unquilted quilt top and backing that is sitting in a box in my room…)

gray and yellow bunting

Chromatic dresser ($799). Comes in blue and pink.  Yellow or gray or pretty much any other color would have been cool too! I wish places would stop sticking to just pink and blue…. Regardless, I really like the way this looks.chromatic dresser

I love this activity table and all of it’s compartments.  But it is way more than I want t spend.  I may loo to see if Ikea has some cute simple ones, but we definitely need to get something for the kiddos to work on.

activity table

I definitely dig these Little Felix retro chairs.

playroom chairs

And this X shaped book shelf ($99).  My son is obsessed with letters, so I can just picture him going “XXXXX!!!!!!”

x bookshelf

This is more of a design note, the wood wall.  We have been wanting to do this forever.  Every time I see one I swoon!

beautiful wood wall

Radha is really in to rainbows right now.  She would get a kick out of these colored shelves ($29 each, each line shown here is 2 shelves put together). Although I’m sure she would not be happy about the ommission of orange and pink!  I did debate organizing all of her books into rainbow order on her book shelf, but I decided against that since the kids love to pull them all off over and over again and they would never stay.  Maybe when they are older……

rainbow shelves

Fun little set of drawers ($99) to organize small things on the activity table.  Another thing my son would have fun tearing to pieces. colored drawers

Well that’s it! If any of you find some good, inexpensive activity tables, please let me know!


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