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Halloween! …3 months late…

January 28, 2014

Ok this is ridiculously late….but I started this post shortly after Halloween and never finished it. But since I was actually on my blog for the first time today in months and saw this draft, I just had to share it!  I mean look at these cuties!

Radha said she wanted to be a Super hero for halloween.  Then we both had the same idea at the same time, to make her a Rainbow superhero, since she is currently OBSESSED with rainbows.  So she was:


this is her racing… =]

I made pretty much the entire costume, except the leggings (those are some of my favorites from H&M), the rainbow leg warmers and some of the accessories.

I made the cape out of a rainbow flag.  It was really long, so I did a pin tuck in each color to shorten it up.  Then I curved the bottom corners and put bias tape around the edges.

I made a logo for her with “R” (of course!) out of felt and put it in the middle of the cape. Lastly I added fold over elastic in the middle of the top for her to slip it on over her head, and at the top two corners to put her hands through, so that it would spread out when she put her hands up.

I made the mask out of felt…the cheap kind that is, because that is what I had in my fabric stash at 12am when I was making it. Of course the first time she put it on, it ripped at one of the seams, so I made a backing for it out of one piece of black felt, which did the trick!

The bandana is just a square piece of fabric folded in half and sewn with a piece of elastic at one end.  I like it, but realize in these pictures that it was too far back on her head. Oh well…

The wand was made out of regular scrap paper, rolled on an angle, and then covered with wash tape and mod podge.

I bought the belt, and shortened it a bit to fit her.

The rainbow bracelets are gay pride bracelets I found online, but they were huge for her tiny wrists.  So I cut them and put velcro on the ends to put them on her.

For the shirt, I used the pattern for the flashback tee by Made-by-Rae and whatever white fleece I had in the closet.  I of course had rainbow fabric on hand, and used that to make a matching R and wings.

My little one has a thing for giraffes (or did at that time!) so I bought him a giraffe costume.

Since I had 2 rainbow flags, I pin tucked the second one like crazy to make a little rainbow cape for him too, as well as simples ones for me and dad!

It was definitely fun!  And for never having really gone trick or treating before, he sure did pick the concept up quickly!

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  1. August 29, 2016 2:27 PM

    Love the cape! My preschooler asked for a ‘rainbow cape’ for his birthday so I’m on the hunt for an easy/fun one for him!

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