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Mystery Monday 16

November 19, 2012

Hi everyone

I am taking a break from reorganizing and trashing half the stuff in my pantry, to post this fun picture.

It is this week’s mystery monday, and the clue is that it is seasonal!  May not be much of a mystery…but I think it is a cool picture none the less.

I love experimenting with motion in pictures!

Last week’s image:

Got these guesses:

Sidewalk? Cement?



The grout line between bricks or tile

grout/cement line between painted cinderblocks

the moon!


A piece of cake being cut into

A crack in the sidewalk

I’m gonna guess grout

 i guess grout too!


some sort of foam that’s been scored.

outside of a basketball / rubber? crack between 2 pieces of sidewalk? jitters in quantum foam that makes up the fabric of space-time?

Part of a Pollen? Dust particle? … How good is your camera?



Bricks (again!)

Phew! That was a lot of guessing week…I guess it was a familiar image for people, because the full image is:

And many of you were right – it is two cement cinderblocks with a joint between!

Thanks for guessing everyone!

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