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A couple of random project “attempts…”

October 12, 2012


I can’t believe it, but our little one (“S”) is 6 months old now!

When he was younger (can’t believe I can already say that…), he LIVED in baby mits because he was constantly scratching himself.  The problem was that it was not easy to find mits that didn’t constantly squish his hands.  So I decided I needed to make him some.

As you can see, I tried two different methods – one was serging directly on the right side of the fabric around the edges, and the other was serging on the wrongs sides and then flipping them right side out to hide the seams.  In both cases I attached elastic near the openings on the wrong side of the fabric before putting the mits together.  I decided I like sewing on the right side better because it leaves more space for the hands inside.

Attaching the elastic was more trouble than I would like to admit…but since making these I have gotten a new sewing machine (yay!) which shirs a lot better.  So I’m going to give that a try next!  They make great baby gifts… =D

The other thing I tried to make were these house slippers for R.  I did these on a whim because I have the grip fabric, and it is getting cold around here.  So I made thes flanner slippers – you can see a completed on the right, and the pieces to the left one next to it.  They turned out…OK…definitely not something to write home about.  It is not easy to make shoes!! R wore them a couple of times, but I think she is done with them. (me kicking myself in the leg…)  Sad!

Well, those are two of my recent projects!  I just took pictures for a friend with a newborn this morning, so I’m looking forward to sitting down and editing those!

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