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My new “toy”

October 2, 2012


I have a new toy…

macbook air waterproof case




It is the Macbook Air 11 inch.

I was debating between the new iPad and this…and this miniature machine won out!


It is SO much more versatile than the iPad would have been (I have the original iPad already too).  I really bought it for work, and it has really made me more efficient.

There was one problem…I work in a hospital, where there are germs everywhere! And I am a germ-o-phobe (i know, not a great combination for a doctor =)

So, I made myself this cover to keep the macbook in.


It is made of a vinyl tablecloth (the leftover fabric that I had after making this circular changing pad)  which is great because I can wipe it down with antiseptic cloths.

I made it kind of like a messenger bag, so that I would be able to carry it when I go into patient rooms, without putting it down anywhere.

Since it is super small, it is very light and I could barely feel I was wearing it!


I used this tutorial for a zippered pouch to make the bag.  It was vey straightforward and took about an hour.  It was a productive day!

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