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It’s that time of year again…garden time!!

April 25, 2012

Last year we planted our very first vegetable garden.  It was great – we actually built 2 raised beds and had some great success with it!  You can check out my post on the beginnings and plans for last year’s garden here and here.  Here is the post about our warm weather bed.

This year I actually decided to make things a little simpler on myself since we have a 3 week old to take care of!  I eliminated some of the less “fruitful” plants like broccoli and cauliflower, and stuck to greens etc for the cool weather bed.

So here was my original plan for this year:

cool weather vegetable garden plan

And here is what I actually ended up doing (it always changes a little once you get out there!)

cool weather bed garden plan square foot gardening

R actually helped me start some plant starters from seed this year

It is so warm in our hallway, combined with the cover on the tray, the seedlings sprouted within 1-2 days!

The problem was that I think it got a little too warm, and they got some white fuzzy stuff on them which I think may have been fungus?  So I took off the cover and it went away, and they look pretty healthy now.  I planted lots of seeds in each compartment in case some didn’t grow, so now I need to take out the extras to give room to each plant to sprout roots and get bigger!

The garden is pretty much complete except for the arugula that I need to put in from our starters – for some reason those are staying the smallest!  I may have to buy starters instead of using those that I made if they dont get bigger soon.  I thinned them out quite a bit today, so hopefully that will help.

Sadly a deer apparently found our garden and put huge holes in the areas where I planted seeds…hopefully they’ll still grow!

Here is my helpful assistant showing me her “awesome” shovel!  I’m excited that this year she will actually make more sense of the whole gardening process and will get excited about it!

And digging big holes for the seeds to go in…

My radish starters, which I ended up not using because of the fuzzy white stuff I saw on them before.

Hopefully we will get some good yields this year!

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