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A 30 minute nursing cover

March 19, 2012

One of my sleepless nights (thanks to my belly and bladder) led to this impromptu decision:

A homemade nursing cover =)

Thanks to my phone I found this blog post which explains very nicely and simply how to make your own nursing cover.

I think it literally took about 30 minutes.  Okay, maybe 60.

Of course, I took some shortcuts: instead of hemming the sides and bottom, I just used piping (after serging the edges).  I also used D rings to attach the strap instead of an overalls buckle.

I’m excited to have a second cover now – one I can keep in my diaper bag and one in our living room.

I might make another just for the heck of it since it was so simple!

So if you want to make one, check out this tutorial.

A note on the boning for the curved part of the cover – I used plain boning that looks like the pictures in the tutorial.  But after making it and seeing my store bought one, I would buy the boning that comes already encased in fabric – I think it is a little bit stiffer and will stay in place better.

Well that’s it for today!

Short and sweet… Have a good day!


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