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Rainbow scarf: A Simple Crochet Tutorial!

January 31, 2012

A friend of mine made her daughter a crochet scarf a little while ago, and I fell in love with the idea!

Since then I have been looking for rainbow colors in yarn to make my little one as well, and finally put together a collection of Stitch Nation’s Full O’ Sheep wool yarn.   I really like the colors which are pretty vibrant.

I thought the yarn was pretty soft, but after finishing the scarf, R hasn’t really worn it until I bribed her for these pictures…I’m thinking of trying a conditioner bath for it to see if that helps!

Anyways the scarf is pretty simple – it took me about 3 hours to make.  And I am not a crocheter…so i’m sure this would be even faster for those of you are pros!

As far as a pattern, I looked online at several different versions of people’s rainbow scarves and other scarves, and knew that my main requirement was for it to be SIMPLE, and I wanted it to be somewhat twirly.

Wanna make one for your little one?

Or for yourself?

I edited a couple of patterns that I saw and came up with this:

1) Starting with purple and one crochet hook SMALLER than recommended, chain the length you want the scarf to be.

2) Turn, and still using purple switch to a crochet hook that is one size larger.  Loosely HDC into each of the next 10 chains, then HDC TWICE in the next chain.  Repeat this pattern (1 HDC into next 10 chains, then 2 HDC into the 11th) all the way till the row is finished.

3) Switch to Blue: same pattern as above: 1 HDC into next 10 chains, then 2 HDC into the 11th) all the way till the row is finished.  Turn.

4) Repeat step 3 for each new color until red.  You can leave a tail of each yarn hanging when you start and finish a color for your ends.

And that’s it!

Increasing the 2 HDCs in each color gives the scarf this curved look – which I thought went well with the rainbow theme.

And when it is on or dangling, it has a nice twirl!

I didn’t plan my ends well enough, and they ended up short and awkward.  I originally had long pieces of yarn, and I cut them short thinking I would have a full little end of yarn pieces of all different colors.  But with the wool, it jus tlooked messy.  So I decided to braid them, which I thought looked much better.  Problem was…I had already cut them all! And I was too lazy to thread more yarn in that was longer.

So pick what you want to do before cutting!  If you want to do the braids, you will need to just add a few more strands of yarn of each color on each end, and then braid them together!



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