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My tree Skirt

January 28, 2012

Did I ever show you guys my tree skirt?

I know it is a little late, but thought  – better late than never!   I have been so busy with work and guests over the last month that I brought on some early contractions and had to be on bedrest for a while (yeesh – not easy!).  Things are better – I guess my body really did need rest – so I finally got around to taking some pictures of the skirt.

Our tree colors this year were blue green and silver, and since we had all our family over for christmas, I thought it would be nice to actually have a tree skirt instead of just a white sheet piled up around the base of the tree!

Well I looked and looked, but didn’t find a tree skirt that liked…that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  So of course, my next thought was…I’ll make one!!

Needless to say, I now understand why they are so expensive.  Not that they are complicated, it just took a long time!

So here is my finished product.  I went with blue and green of course, and used my husband’s suggestion of white polar bears as a decoration piece on the skirt.

I made bias tape for the first time!  That was a day long project in itself, but definitely added an extra touch to the skirt.  Will I make more again??  Umm…not for a while!

The fabric buttons were probably the EASIEST part of the whole project.  I had no idea how easy they are!  So that was a fun discovery =)

And the little trim along the outer edge was of course, something store bought.  I was afraid to add it thinking that it may be too enticing for the cats to play with, but they were pretty good!

How did I make it?

I went online and looked at lots of different people’s tutorials on how to make tree skirts, including soe YouTube videos, and then I kinda fudged it as I went along.  I used quilting cotton for the top and bottom (the bottom is plain blue).  I used fleece for the lining to make it more substantial feeling.

Basically I just made the 4 panels for the top, I made one big circle for the bottom, but actually sewed 4 seams down the 4 points so that it would match up with the top.  Once I had my two circles done (i.e. top and bottom), I pinned up the top, bottom and fleece.  I sewed around the outside edge and then turned it right side out.  This last part was a little tricky because I kept setting up my peices in the wrong order.  I wasn’t used to working with 3 layers instead of just two.

Once it was right side out, I sewed the bias tape around the outer edge and inner circle.  Before sewing bias tape on in the cut seam where the buttons are, I made 4 button holes where the button straps would come out, and then sewed those in place at the same time (I used bias tape for the button straps as well).

Then I sewed on the outer fuzzy ball trim and the fabric buttons – and it was done!

I know, not a detailed description, but I figured it could give you a general idea of what is involved.  So in case you feel like preparing for next year…ha ha just kidding!

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