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Make your own address labels with a flare!

January 5, 2012

This year, I decided to make a new type of address label that I have been seeing around and really like!

They are long rectangles which wrap around from the front to the back.  No real “use” in this, it’s just different, so I like it =)

Making these is REALLY easy.  And they would be a great addition to your Thank You cards for all the wonderful gifts you got this year (or at least for your kids!)

1) in Photoshop (other programs would work also – like Word, or Illustrator) make a new document or object that is 8 inches wide and 0.67 (or somewhere close to that) tall.

2) on the Right side of the object/document, put in your address.  You can also import a picture or other design for the background.  This part is essentially your return address label.  You can really make it as wide as you want  – I made mine about 2.5 inches.

3) On the left side of your object, put in whatever picture/graphic you want to use to dress up your labels!  I wanted mine to match my holiday card, so I actually took a screenprint on my computer of the card from the order screen, and then inserted that picture onto the label.  Then I just copied and pasted the same picture 3 times in a row.  That way it matched perfectly.  You can put in whatever you want – you can also keep varying them for whatever mood you are in!

4) That’s it – then you just print them on label paper!  I use Lightroom to do the majority of my printing – but you can use whatever is comfortable for you.  As far as the page layout, if you use the sizes I described above, you can put 1 column and 15 rows of labels in portrait mode on a letter-sized sheet of paper.  That allows for margins that most printers can handle.

5) To apply the labels straight, I found it easier to start on the back of the envelope, and line up the longer part of the label with the top of the envelope.

I actually set it down probably 1-2 mm, but I just eyeballed this.  You have to make sure that as you do this, you line up the right edge properly so that the return address part folds over nicely to the front of the envelope.

Once you have secure the back, then fold over the right side of the label onto the front of the envelope, and you are done!

word template for rectangular address labels

Word Template for long rectangular return address labels. Click on the image to download the word file.

You can also download the free “thank you” stickers I posted here to add to your cards/envelopes.

Well, I hope that gives you some fun ideas for something new you can make and spice up your thank you cards with!

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