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The countdown is well underway

December 7, 2011

I managed to get my advent calendar up in time for Dec 1st this year….just a little late in posting about it!

R has been getting a kick out of it.  I think it is giving her a lesson in patience too, because she sees things poking out of some of the other bags and wants to open them right away!

I just strung a piece of red yard between two picture hangers on my wall, and then put a little santa at the end (and a snowman at the beginning) to mark Christmas Day!

I used regular old clothespins.  My original plan was to pain the clothespins…that didn’t happen in time…but we did paint some a couple days ago – so once they are finished and dry and up on the wall, I’ll post them up too!

The bags are just small silver bags from India that I had in the house – I love using things I already own (i.e. all of it!)

Here are some pics from the from the first few days of opening the treats!

Someone could barely contain her excitement!

She had fun trying to reach for them too!

This one was a little hard to get out…but she managed =]

And in case you missed it, I put up a free download of the numbers I made for the calendar – here it is!


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