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Getting ready for Dec 1st!

November 23, 2011

This year, R is old enough to be excited about and look forward to Christmas!

Well, we have already put up our Christmas decorations, and the countdown as begun.  She keeps asking: “Can we do christmas now?”

So although I never really appreciated them before, I have decided to make an advent calendar for her to countdown to christmas!

I have been scouring pintrest, etsy and the internet, and have finally decided to make a “calendar” out of things that I have in the house:

Yarn, clothespins, cute silver bags, and printed numbers.

Ok. so I didn’t already have the numbers.  I made those and printed them.  It was fun!  Stay tuned for the free download on Friday!

My plan is to… paint these clothespins with R as an activity (sometime before Dec 1st!)…

…string the yarn between 2 picture frame hooks…

…then use the clothespins to hang the bags from the yarn!

I haven’t yet figured out how I will attach the numbers to the bags…ideas anyone?

I’ll put up some pictures once I have it done!

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