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Halloween Celebrations!

October 31, 2011

We had a halloween party this weekend – and despite the 3 inches of SNOW that came down, we had lots of fun!  We did not plan for L having to spend 2-3 hours shoveling and salting the driveway…so we were behind a little bit on the prep, but it worked out.

Thought I’d share some of the fun!

I love these little ghosts we got – they were from Target, you just fill them with leaves and hang them up!  Unfortunately, I don’t think you could really see them with the snow =)

Various other cute decorations…Radha had fun putting those in the ground!

Carving the pumpkins was of course fun times.  Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of them before they started to wither…this first one is supposed to be an owl sitting on a tree branch…but the owl’s head kind of shrunk away!

Had banners here and there.  This one is from Pottery Barn (75% off!), and had another really cute felt one from Target that I liked too =)

Had to have some healthy snacks for the kids: pretzels, fruit snacks and animal crackers.  These are the ones that were in arms reach of the kiddos.

I found a lot of really cute and free printables online.  From these water bottles…

 To these really cute treat boxes.  I didn’t think I would print all these out and make them, but it ended up being not that bad.  I used my paper cutter to cut them out, and just made them squares except one tab on the side.  The treats were super fun inside!

There was a rubber ball that actually looked like a sports ball (basket ball, baseball or soccer ball), spider rings, halloween themed silly bands, halloween tattoos, lots of halloween erasers and some stickers.  R has been having a lot of fun with the left overs!

And now for the dessert table.  This was perhaps my favorite part of the prep!  I found so many cool dessert ideas online and couldn’t wait to make them!

These are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with skeleton running men on them!

This was my first try at them…didn’t work out so well.  Skeletons are definitely better in white…and with mushroom heads!

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with ghosts on them.  These took some trial and error, fooling around with different options for putting on the icing, till I finally bit the bullet and did it the old fashioned way with an icing bag and tip.  Phew!  The pros use those for a reason!

I think these were my favorite looking desserts!  Mummy cupcakes =)

The yield was awesome for very little work!

These were supposed to be “brain” cupcakes.  I unfortunately did not have the right tip for these, I needed a large, plain hole.  but instead I had to use a regular zip lock bag and cut of the tip.  So it was kind of pointy.  Oh well…

Another set of printables (actually, same set as the treat boxes) –  although I printed and cut each label, I made L wrap them all!

I had a couple of fun activities planned for the kiddos also.

The first one was “Make Your Own Mummy Pop!”

I put out a bowl marshmellows, a small bowl of corn syrup with Q-tups, jumbo sized confetti, popsicle sticks, and food coloring pens.

The kids really loved these…although some of them had more fun eating them than anything else!

The second activity was decorating foam pumpkins.  I bought a stack of the pumpkins and two different packs of stickers from Ikea.

R couldn’t wait until the party started to make hers!

L actually did something really creative (don’t have pix of this) – he blew up orange and black balloons, then took different eye face stickers and made faces out of the orange balloons.  There was SOOO cute and funny!  We tried to plan ahead by doing this the night before…and unfortunately, they had all deflated by the next morning!  Who knew that latex balloons don’t last long!

Well, all in all it was fun and I’m glad we got to celebrate despite the snow!

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