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Free Lightroom Presets Today!

July 15, 2011

Today I thought I would do something new and share some of my Vignetting presets for Lightroom with you.

example of vignetting in pictures using lightroom preset

Vignette is something that can happen on its own with very wide angle lenses on full sensor cameras as an artifact of the glass properties itself…but it is also something that you can ADD to pictures to give them a special touch!

Of course, you could manually vignette pictures whenever you would like, but the nice thing about having presents is

1) You can quickly apply the vignette effect to many pictures, very quickly

2) You can save your certain style of vignette and apply exactly that same amount each time (more in another post about how to update a preset)

3) You can preview what your different presets will look like in the navigation pane without having to apply and remove each one

vignette example for preset in lightroom

I have put up a set of presets – 4 to be exact – to give you different levels of vignetting depending on the picture.

Below, you can see what the different levels look like:

vignette amounts for free lightroom preset

To download the presets, follow these directions:

1) Download the presets here

(FYI – i can not upload ZIP files to wordpress, so I have housed them in my other website where I sell Hindi and Gujarati Flashcards for Kids, called “Baby Culture Cards”)

2) Find your presets folder on your computer: Right click on any preset in lightroom, and select “Show in Finder” or the equivalent on a PC (sorry, don’t have one!)

3) Unzip the presets you downloaded

4) Move them to the presets folder

5) Restart lightroom – and you are good to go!

You can then edit them or rearrange them however you would like.


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