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My Hindi Alphabet Video is now available for free!

June 28, 2011

Last year I made this 25 minute video that goes through the hindi alphabet with sounds, pictures and animations to teach R the hindi alphabet.  For a long time afterwards, the only way I could get  her to eat anything was by showing her the video!  It was pretty cool.

Well, I put it  up online for sale a while back, and have since decided to make it free for everyone.  I don’t really need to make money off of it…and I’m not anyways =)

So, it is available for all who would like it!     Here’s a little clip:

Just go to my website:, and click on the link to download the video.  It is long (~112 MB) so will take a while.  But once you have it downloaded, you can import it into iTunes and play it on your iPhone or iPad, you can also play it on pretty much any computer!  I am working on editing the video to add english translations, and then next will make a gujarati version.  I am also looking into make this into an app…but not sure if there is a point yet since you can download it and put it on your phone that way.

Anyways, enjoy and please spread the word!

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