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Part 2: Beginnings of a Vegetable Garden

April 5, 2011

I would like to start off today with a BIG THANKS to everyone who has left comments and sent words of encouragement and advice for our gardening adventures.  I had NO IDEA how passionate people are about gardening!  Also a big thanks to for the honor of my freshly pressed feature!  I would have never received all of this amazing advice and positive energy had it not been for that – so again, thanks!

Yesterday I was gifted with warm weather.  I walked out with a coat on to plant my little transplants, and was met with a very welcomed wall of warm air.  You don’t have to ask me to take of my jacket twice!  Miami girl was very happy.  So I took Radha out to help me – and we got through about 9 transplants before I could no longer keep her entertained…I guess that is still pretty good!  I finished the rest during her nap (thank goodness for baby monitors!) – you can see the results above.

Bed #1: Cool weather plants (revised)

As you can see above, I revised my plan a bit.  Given the number of people who agreed that you can crowd lettuce and cabbage if you are harvesting them continuously, I planted the buttercrunch lettuce, mesclun mix and chinese cabbage 4 to a square foot instead of spreading them out more.  So these freed up some space in my cool weather bed!  I have highlighted in blue the areas that are currently empty with my potential plans.  I am off to some nurseries this afternoon to see what other plants/seeds I can find.  I have to get it all in within the next few days because starting Monday I am working for 12 days straight – which means very little time for gardening =(

My spreadhseet for the details of the garden plan

True to my reputation for Obsessive Compulsive personality, I made a spreadsheet to help plan the garden beds.  As you can see, I have only gotten through the cool weather bed plans.  I have ideas for the warm weather bed – but need to do more research.  Another reader commented that once my lettuce and cabbage are done for the season, it will free up space to plant more warm weather plants there.  YAY!  Maybe more tomatoes? Or red bell peppers?  I can always make more salsa!  Anyone ever grown tomatillos?  I would love to have some fresh ones.

And now for the beautiful transplants.

Above: Buttercrunch Lettuce

Below: Chinese Cabbage

Below: Mesclun Mix

Below: Arugula (I can NEVER eat enough arugula!)  Funny story: first time Luv or I ever ate arugula was in Italy during our honeymoon 8 years ago (yeesh!).  We would go to restaurants and other salads, it would say “rocketta” salad.  Growing up in Miami, I know a fair amount of Spanish – which helps in Italy – but didn’t really help here.  Well we tried it, and LOVED IT!  So we asked various waiters – what is this salad?  And all of them would say “Rocket salad!”  Clueless, we still had no idea what we were eating.  We just kept eating it.  FINALLY, someone was able to tell us that it was arugula (writing this, I’m getting embarrassed to admit that we didn’t know what it was).  Ever since, we have been hooked, and buy it in large quantities.  So I’m really looking forward to this part of our garden =)

Our various herbs – plus spinach.  The mint is the only plant not yet planted – Luv is going to build a separate, long and thing rectangle planter for us to keep outside the kitchen on the deck for that so it doesn’t take over our entire bed.  I will probably have another one there for more cilantro and maybe some basil (hmmm….getting hungry).

I left the cilantro at 1 per square foot because from what I read, you could put 4 in a square foot together, you should wont get as much yield on the plants.  Since we love cilantro, I figured I would give it as much room to grow as it needs!

The lettuce and cabbage subjected to crowded city life… ha ha…

I got a “good job mommy!” from Radha!

My “high five” from Radha for finishing!

Next steps:

1) Buy and plant transplants for my remaining 9 square feet in bed 1

2) plan bed 2 and possibly start seeds indoors so they are ready to plant in a few weeks

3) build planters for mint (and more) to keep on deck outside of the kithen



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  1. April 5, 2011 10:50 AM

    Wow! The progress is amazing and of course your photos are lovely, too. Congrats again on FP! So glad to have found your blog!

    • April 5, 2011 11:41 AM

      Thanks Dacia! I’m kind of embarrassed about the picture quality from my first post – I was in a rush and never expected so much traffic! but thanks for the kind words and hope you find more that you like!

  2. April 5, 2011 4:50 PM

    I have to admit… I’m very impressed with your garden! Makes me want to grow mine even larger. We might have to find time to add more to ours…

  3. April 5, 2011 10:37 PM

    You are wise young people to have your garden and inspire your little one as well with your enthusiasm for the project. A wonderful learning experience for everyone. Find out about “companion planting” if you haven’t yet heard of it as certain plants do very well planted together side by side . Plant lots of marigolds in your garden patches( near tomatoes especially) to deter insects. Enjoy and plant some sunflowers for the little one to watch the growth and you will have birds and squirrels vist your garden for the seeds in the fall…keep some to grow next year.
    Your photos are lovely and artisitc.

  4. terridux permalink
    April 6, 2011 4:08 AM

    I love your pictures. So inspiring. I just started my vegetable garden a month ago and it’s so exciting to watch my lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, papayas, and beans grow. I love your authentic voice as you journal. Gardening is indeed great for the soul!

    • April 6, 2011 11:44 AM

      thanks! i’m impressed you already have yours together for a month! it is definitely exciting – i’m doing part three now – i bought some rectangular planters for herbs to keep by the kitchen. i LOVE it!

  5. April 6, 2011 11:18 AM

    Your garden is beautiful! Someday I hope to achieve something like this. I need to stop being a lazy gardener. lol!

    • April 6, 2011 11:43 AM

      thanks robin! trust me you can do it! – we got it together in one weekend. and ours is pretty big (I tend to go overboard when I start a new craft/activity). YOU CAN DO IT! (you definitely have the space =)

  6. April 11, 2011 10:59 PM

    Enjoying your new posting and as I’ve subscribed to your blog I’m getting your wriiten info as an email but the pictures unfortunately aren’t coming through. I’ll check here on your blog for your garden’s progress. Just a few spring flowers starting to bloom here.

    • April 11, 2011 11:12 PM

      thank you – i’m sorry about the pictures in your email…i’n not sure if there is a setting i can change? the emails I receive are similar – I have to specifically tell it to download the images in my email.
      anyways, thanks for checking in! I hope I do well with the garden- I am nervous!

  7. April 14, 2011 11:29 PM

    Seem to be getting your email and photos ok now.. I will tell my niece about your suggestions for the dragon book and play rice craft for her little one too. My great niece will be 2 years old in June. We are expecting some snow in a few days so I hope the garden bulbs survive. Cold weather crops like yours should be ok if it snows. Let’s hope.


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