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Cute felt letters

February 24, 2011

handmade felt letters baby gift

Simple.  Colorful.  Cute.

I have finally gotten somewhat into the 21st century and started perusing some blogs.  One of my recent craft blog discoveries is a blog by this awesome mom: Rae.  She made these felt letters for her daughter, which I then made for mine =)  She (and I) actually made them by hand sewing – but I have since made several sets of letters for friends with my machine…it is much faster.  Make sure to check out her tutorial, because it is detailed and awesome and her blog plain rocks.  I’m going to quickly explain how I made mine on the machine.

different colors of felt

Start with felt.  I like all sorts of bright colors.  I also just bought regular old felt sheets from my local craft store (AC Moore and Michaels).

I then printed out letters.  I used the Cooper Black font – which is what Rae used.  You can do all capitals or capitals and lower case letters – whichever you prefer.  After making several sets of these and wanting to shoot myself every time I got to the “serif” part of the letter, I would suggest using a SANserif font.  It will be a lot easier.

You can either cut the letters out, and then pin them to the felt and cut out the pattern.  You could also trace them onto the felt with invisible pens, and then cut out.  Lastly, you could hold the felt up to the printed letter (without cutting it out) and trace the letter on with an invisible pen and then cut them out (that’s what Rae does in her tutorial).  Don’t forget to fold the felt sheet in half and then cut the letters out so that you have the front and back of the letter.

I then used a one sided stitch that is used to sew on appliques (it looks like a backwards E).  For letters with holes, start with the holes first.  Then, start sewing the letter from an area that would be easy to stuff.  In general, I started from areas that were straight, and wider, and tried to make sure I could get to all parts of the letter from there.

Sew around the entire edge of the letter leaving an opening from which you will stuff the letter.  As you can see above, I left an opening that was about 2 -3 fingers wide.

I then stuffed the letter, occasionally using a pen or marker to help shove the stuffing into other the edges.

I then closed up the opening using the machine again.  I tried to push all the stuffing away from the opening, and often had to lift up the foot as far as it would go before so I could fit the letter underneath the foot.  What can I say? I love sewing…but not really hand sewing…

Then I used a clear thread and tapestry needle to thread through all the letters and hung it up with with tacs.

And Voila!  It’s done!

Here is a link to the original blogpost that I got the idea and directions from.

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