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Art not so ordinary. Part 3.

February 18, 2011

Day 6.  Movement.  Today’s pictures are all patterns created from ordinary items with a touch of movement.

Tree branches swaying…take with a long exposure & a couple glasses of wine. =)

A tree with red christmas lights.  This can be done even with a regular point and shoot camera.  Just turn off your flash, and it will automatically set a long shutter speed.  Then look up, and spin (just don’t fall!)

The entrance way to a resort in mexico.  Taken at night with the lights on, from the window of our rental car.  I propped the camera on the window sill to try to reduce vertical movement and focus mainly on the horizontal shear.

Taken with my iphone, while nursing my daughter in her nursery.  The yellow is her wall, the very small smudge of brown is her rug, and the blue is a blanket sitting on the ottoman in front of me.  It was not very bright in the room, so again, I turned off the flash, and basically waved the camera while I took the picture.  It is pretty grainy since it is a long exposure taken on an iphone, but I like the effect.  Reminds me of pointillism.

This is the bottom of a small wading pool in a resort in Goa, India.  Taken with a VERY old canon powershot.  Again, no flash, and slightly long exposure (1/80) to allow for the wave.

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